How to increase your worth in your current job

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Increasing your worth in your current job is the way to boost your career. Many people just view a job as a money maker and a necessary part of life. They do not look forward to going to work and try to get away with minimal effort. Smart people on the other hand understand the need to excel at their job and further their career.

8 ways to increase your worth in your current job

  • Strive for perfection: whatever task you have been given do your very best and try to do a perfect job. Management appreciates workers who strive to achieve excellence.
  • Volunteer for extra work and overtime: when there are extra tasks to be done be sure that you are first in line for them. Always volunteer for overtime and extra work. This is always appreciated and you become known as a reliable worker who will take on any task.
  • Always take advantage of any training that is offered: many jobs offer training on the job. Be sure that you take advantage of these training sessions. This will make you more knowledgeable and improve your worth as an employee. You will also be able to take on more tasks and challenge yourself.
  • Try to learn more about the aspects of your job: many times you can educate yourself about your industry and job, on your own. Any knowledge that will help you in the work place will improve your worth and allow you to be considered for more challenging tasks.
  • Follow instructions without complaining: there is nothing more irritating to the management than having employees that argue when given tasks. People who just get on with the job without wasting time complaining are greatly appreciated in the work place.
  • Be good at understanding instructions: Be a good listener and make sure you understand the instructions you have been given for a task. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Nobody minds clarifying a task but everybody can get irritated if a job is not done right because you did not ask the right questions.
  • Be versatile: a good worker is always flexible and can take on new tasks and challenges. The more you do this the better you will understand your job and the more you will learn. You will definitely improve your worth on the job like this and have more fun.
  • Do not waste company time: many employees spend time chatting and wasting time on the job. Bear in mind that you are being paid to work for the company. An employee who wastes time is worth far less to the company than one who concentrates on the task at hand and does not sit about chatting.

Improving your worth in your current job is important. The better your value in the workplace the more you will have a chance at promotion. In this way you will be able to further your career and make your job interesting and worthwhile. Plus you will be able to get a pay increase.

Author: Vlasta Eriksson

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