How To Follow Up Without Feeling Awkward

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Many sales people feel what we refer to as “call reluctance” especially when it comes to following up on enquiries, quotes and proposals. In my sales workshops when I ask participants what is one of their biggest concerns about sales it is that they do not want to be “pushy sales people”.

How To Follow Up Without Feeling Awkward

How would you feel if you were just calling asking for some feedback? Yes, it is that easy. Just reframe the call and ask for some feedback.  
There are certain words that we use that turn people off. Never phone to say you are following up, phone and ask for feedback.

This week remember that list of people you made last week? Pick up the phone and ask if they received the proposal and if they did then just ask them what they thought of the proposal. This will give you the opportunity to get some feedback and then be able to engage with them and see how you can best help them buy from you.


Recently one phone call was worth a $ 100,000 worth of “ideal work”. In a coaching session with a new client I asked him to make a list of all the quotes he had done in the last 30 days.

Immediately after our coaching session he picked up the phone and called one of the people on the list. He had sent them a quote the week before for just over $ 10,000.

When he called them to get some “feedback” and ask if there were any other projects they were working on that he could possibly help them with, he found out that they had another project they were working on and were considering using a company from out of town.  

How To Follow Up Without Feeling Awkward

He then had the opportunity to explain that he had the capacity to do that project as well. He ended up securing both jobs.  

Yes, there was an element of luck and good timing, however, you need to be in the game to win it. Sending a proposal is your invitation to the game, following up is getting into the game!

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