How to Control Absenteeism?

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Absenteeism at the workplace is a universal problem. While some organizations have undertaken sufficient steps to control it, many fail to address the issue. The major reason is the lack of understanding of the correlation between employees and attendance.

Absenteeism is one of the most critical issues for businesses. It can be very difficult to observe, evaluate and improve absenteeism. When employees fail to turn up at work, employers increase their financial burden because the business loses productivity and the costs increase because of the work not completed by the absent employee.

Signature StaffWays to control absenteeism

Most absenteeism is not caused by illnesses, so the employers can manage to control approximately 60 percent absenteeism. An employer cannot manage absenteeism caused by personal reasons but can improve the turnover ratio with the help of the following initiatives.

i) Improve employee motivation

Though it is not as easy and simple as it seems, it is possible by enhancement of the intrinsic motivation employees get from their job. You should make the production target more achievable, increase the desired job responsibilities and improve the working conditions. An employer should also improve extrinsic motivation through some kind of reward of recognition program.

ii) Improve job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is influenced by many different factors of employment. This can be achieved by cutting down on workplace stressors to make the workplace a more enjoyable experience and constantly give out honest praise and feedback.

iii) Employ a job enlargement or job rotation plan

One of the reasons of uncontrollable absenteeism is the lack of challenging tasks and career growth opportunities, repetition of tasks, boredom and burnout. Employers can improve the employee’s take on his or her position by offering opportunities to rotate the jobs. This will help employees undertake a new task or role and learn new skills and knowledge.

iv) Reserve rewards and discipline rules for absenteeism

Reward and punishment practice might not be implemented at some workplaces, but it is an effective method to control rates of absenteeism at the workplace. If the management offers a financial reward upon decreased absenteeism, the employees will strive to work harder and cut down on absenteeism. Moreover, motivated employees react positively to such strategies.

v) Allow the employees for a modified work schedule

Some kinds of absenteeism are caused by personal matters. In such cases, the employees should be allowed flexibility in their schedules temporarily or permanently. This helps employees keep a balance in their personal and professional lives.

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