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From time to time you might be seeking the experience, behaviours and characteristics that are common within a specific age group.

Without being discriminatory and landing yourself in hot water, you may want to consider using language and methods that are likely to attracting these people to your vacancy.



As much as we shouldn’t pigeon-hole people, research tells us the following interesting facts about each generation:

Baby Boomers (1947 – 1964)

  • Want to share their knowledge and experience
  • They are getting ready to retire and may be looking for flexible and part-time options
  • Stability is often very important to them; they need to feel secure in their role as they approach retirement

How do you find them?

  • Even though they use different digital resources, print advertising could still be effective
  • Be straight to the point

Gen X (1964 – 1979)

  • They are looking for growth opportunities and consistency – ability to be a contributor
  • They usually have families, which means work-life balance is important to them
  • Want to know “the why” of your company
  • Training and development
  • Mentoring programs
  • Benefits packages
  • Formal Career Path Development

 How do you find them?

  • Most are digitally savvy so connecting via text and emails are strong communication means
  • Job boards, LinkedIn
  • Networking and associations
  • They are parents so sporting clubs can be also very effective

Millennials/Gen Y (1980 – 1996)

  • Looking for growth opportunities and mentorship
  • Flexibility –work-life balance (remote working, custom hours, pet friendly offices, gig environment).
  • Ability to engage digitally –looking for technology-forward companies.

Where do you find them?

  • Through digital means: job boards, social media and anything techy
  • Promote Company Culture
  • Promote Benefits
  • They don’t want to be a “cog in the machine” — Provide examples of how they can affect the company and how the company affects the community.

Gen Z/iGen (1997 -2015)

  • Starting out their careers – promote learning opportunities and a “fun” work culture.
  • Looking for mentorships
  • Flexibility – work remote or test out a non-traditional career path.
  • Ability to engage digitally – looking for technology-forward companies.
  • Contribution to the company

How do you find them?

  • Like Millennials, promote benefits
  • Instagram, Snapchat
  • Gen Z is more likely to be entrepreneurial —State how they can make a difference and contribute beyond the day to day.

When you are recruiting for your next role consider writing a compelling advert according to the generation that are most likely to have the skills you are looking for.

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