Nurturing a Thriving Workplace Culture: Key Strategies

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What is ‘Workplace Culture’ really about?

Workplace culture is far more than just the trappings of modern offices, or the amenities provided. It is the very heartbeat of an organisation, and it begins with leadership at the top—CEOs, Owners, and General Managers set the tone.

Feeling Valued:

Years ago I worked for IHG Hotels. They built their brand on a high-performance culture, driven by creating an engaging and inclusive environment. During my time at the Hotel, Peter Blackburn the GM had a morning routine of walking around the hotel and engage in small, friendly conversations with staff, showing care and a genuine interest in the people he employed. I had only been there a few weeks when he came to me, greeting me by my name. A small thing, but it made me feel really valued and part of the team. I certainly always did my best working for the hotel form that point on.

Genuine care must be built directly into the company culture—not as an extra benefit, but as a foundation. These kinds of workplaces inspire loyalty, happiness, health, and success.

Key Strategies for Leaders:

As a business owner or CEO, here are some strategies to lead by example and cultivate a thriving workplace culture:


1. Get to Know Your Employees

Take an interest in their lives and what matters to them outside of work.

2. Be Approachable

Create an environment where employees feel comfortable approaching you with their concerns or ideas.

3. Promote Inclusivity

Ensure that every member of your team feels like they are part of the bigger picture, sharing your company’s vision, mission, and values.

4. Avoid Micro-Management

Trust your employees to do their jobs effectively without constant oversight.

5. Provide Feedback and Recognition

Offer constructive feedback, recommendations for improvement, and commendation for outstanding performance.

6. Practice Kindness and Empathy

Display empathy towards the challenges employees may face and be kind in your interactions.

7. Respect All Employees Equally

Treat every employee as a valued colleague, regardless of their position within the organisation.

8. Share Successes and Failures

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Transparency in sharing both successes and failures fosters a culture of learning and growth.

9. Seek Employee Input

Ask employees for their opinions and ideas, showing that their voices are valued.

10. Engage in Community Initiatives

Organise group activities that contribute to worthwhile community causes, promoting teamwork and a sense of purpose beyond the workplace.

Building a great workplace culture is not a simple task, but the rewards are substantial. An exceptional culture leads to increased efficiency, productivity, innovation, reduced absenteeism, a stable workforce, and, most importantly, happy employees who genuinely want to be part of your organisation.

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    Hi Vlasta
    I totally agree and I keep looking

  2. Carol

    What a shame your philosophy is not in every business. You’d be surprised with the epidemic of bullies and power trippers there are out there. Just ruining lives.

  3. Roger Fox

    I completely agree that genuine care must be built directly into the company culture—not as an extra benefit, but as a foundation.


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