How Can Recruiter Help Me?

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It is the company that hires you which pays the recruiter and usually it is a percentage of your first year’s annual salary therefore since the recruiter gets paid when you are hired, their number one goal is to get you hired. They will give you additional training on your interview process, and coach you through all the aspects to help guarantee your job offer. The recruiter will work with you, coaching and ensuring you have strong answers to typical interview questions asked by the companies you are applying for and are fully prepared for the interview process. They won’t let you walk into the interview not prepared because you are also representing the recruiter and their quality of applicants.Signature Staff Blog

You only have to invest a small amount of time with the recruiter for them to understand your skills, strengths and career goals and then they will work on the rest for you. Instead of randomly applying to every job posting you see and hoping that someone review it, allow the recruiter to do the legwork for you. A recruitment agency is also a great resource to use to ensure you get the monetary amount that you are looking for. The recruitment consultant will be able to screen jobs that are too low in your pay scale or can negotiate on your behalf with the company to increase the salary.

Good recruiters will know the hiring managers directly and will be able to get your resume to the right person and ensure the right person is viewing it.  A seasoned recruiter should know dozens of hiring managers so if you don’t get the first position that you interviewed for, the recruiter should know of more positions in you area that are opening up or will be able to get you in the door for the next one that opens up.

For various reasons, some companies prefer to keep their job openings hidden and will conduct the job search without posting on the main job boards and work only with recruiters. If you don’t have access to these jobs or know they exist, then you are out of the opportunity to interview for them but a good recruiter has access to these jobs and will know of those “hidden” jobs that you can apply for.

Lastly, if you are currently employed but looking for a new step in your career using a recruitment agency can help keep your job search under the radar and private among only those interested parties.

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