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As the applications for an advertised vacancy arrive, how can your business be sure to pick the right talent for the job amongst all those applicants?  Two highly recommended staff recruitment practices are “Reference Checking” and “Behavioural Profiling”.

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All job applicants will submit their resume which should include a list of references.  Make it a rule to endeavour to contact those referees.  They will provide information about the applicant which is very helpful.

It is often tempting for HR personnel to only contact referees from a handful of applications that look promising, in an attempt to save time.  But this method can end up omitting other promising candidates.  Although it is cumbersome to go through every application, information provided by the references can tell potential employers a great deal about the applicant, including what they will need to do to support and develop that person, upon offering them the job.

Also, a reference check can reveal information that might disqualify the applicant. This is particularly helpful when it comes to behavioral profiling.

Behavioral Profiling

When each referee is contacted, ask the same specific questions.  Introduce yourself to the referee and explain the reason for your call. Acknowledge that the information they provide will be sensitive and confidential but urge them to be honest. When you ask precise questions, the referee will assist in providing information about the applicant’s behavior and attitude. Such issues can be critical, particularly for companies which handle sensitive customers such as patients within a healthcare center.

Employers need to be able to trust the people they hire. Therefore, HR personnel must make sure that any applicant considered for the advertised position has provided honest information and has a good background. There needs to be proof that an applicant is capable of understanding and respecting the people they will interact with. Ideally, HR personnel will be able to contact at least five  reputable professionals who are willing to impart honest information about the applicant, providing a picture of their personality as well as confirmation of their skills and experience.

During the staff recruitment process, the only other opportunity to make assessments of an applicant’s behavioural profile will be during the interview.  Ensure those on the interviewing panel are alert to the applicant’s body language, eye movements and manner when responding to questions. Their reactions will provide an insight into how they will behave at work. Ask questions designed to reveal the applicant’s aptitude, maturity and decision-making abilities.

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  1. Scottsdale

    Really good article. Hireing a good man is the most important thing for a company, It can desides the fate of a project.

    • vlasta

      I could not agree more


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