Have you got Environmental strategies in place?

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G20According to Barack Obama it was meaningful, Kevin Rudd declared breakthroughs have been achieved, The Federal Opposition says it was a comprehensive failure and according to the Greens it was a disaster and a big set back for our planet.

Whatever anyone’s views are, the facts remain the same! The result of Copenhagen Summit was a political accord between a limited number of developing and developed nations, rather than a legally binding agreement.

With the return to parliament, Climate Change has been the major topic of debate at the beginning of this month.

Jim Turnour our MP has been involved in these debates with a great concern for our environment, economy and way of life. “Island communities in the Torres Strait face inundation from rising sea levels, and environmental icons like the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics Rainforest risk devastation from rising temperatures putting at risk our tourism based economy.” as Jim Turnour has mentioned on his blog page.

Through the debate the new leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott has been trying to convince the country that he now believes in Climate Change after initially describing it as ‘crap’, his own words. Hence the Prime Minister has labelled his policy a ‘Climate Change con job’. I don’t think so!!! As a nation we are still in the unknown. However both of the sides of politics still agree that a market based emission trading scheme was the right way to take action on climate change as it was through the Howard Government.

Carbon emissionRegardless what the outcome will be in the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) or any other policy, you can be assured that the cost of electricity and fuel will go up.

The key to minimising your costs is preparation. Many local businesses have been working hard over the last few years to have environmental/sustainability policies or statements in place or perhaps even got their Eco Accreditations. Businesses need to develop strategic contingency plans in the near future to reduce their overall carbon footprint by implementing simple steps in their every day to day operation.benefit enviroment

  • Waste control measures
  • Minimising resources such as water and energy
  • Improving management of materials, processes and operations

There are number of ways to reduce your carbon footprint and by doing so you will not only reduce your carbon emissions but reduce your costs.

The Missing Link is a company based in Far North who links you to the information that you need by providing you with the highest quality, practical, and achievable technical environmental advice with training solutions. Their assistance will save you time and money and reduce your legal risks, whilst protecting the environment.

So be environmentally savvy and give yourself the advantage by preparing for the changes we will experience in the next couple of years.

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