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We’ve been sourcing and hiring skilled individuals for businesses in and around Townsville for 25 years. However, it wasn’t until this year that we established our office in the city. Our second office, and also now, our second home, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know businesses in the city. We’re also extremely grateful to the local business community for welcoming us with open arms.

A Townsville recruitment agency that is ready to connect

With offices in Cairns and now Townsville, we are in an even better position to help clients and candidates connect across North Queensland. However, if you know anything about our founder, Vlasta Erikkson, you know that’s not enough.

Since our new office opened, Vlasta and the team have actively been meeting with local businesses.

BNI Awesome and Integrity

A seasoned BNI veteran, Signature Staff is no stranger to the world’s largest business network. We’ve become a part of BNI Awesome, a group of exceptional businesses that live up to their name. It’s been a valuable experience so far, with a wide range of businesses and professionals to connect with.

You can learn more about the BNI Awesome members here.

Vlasta is also the Director Consultant of BNI Integrity, another chapter that’s absolutely kicking goals.

Professional networks

We want to be involved in the community where we work. Knowing about local projects and changes is important for us.

Signature Staff is now a member of the Townsville Enterprise, a peak economic and destination marketing organisation. Check their website for the latest campaign and project updates. Hopefully, we’ll see you at their upcoming events.

Likewise, the Townsville Chamber takes great strides in connecting individuals and organisations, while also elevating their visibility. Signature Staff has also joined the Chamber as a member.

Come and meet us

Our office in Townsville is at 62 Pugh Street in Aitkenvale, where we work alongside the great team at Active HR. As you can see, we’re truly getting our feet under the table.

And if that wasn’t enough, Business Development Magazine Townsville has even featured us in their latest issue. You can learn Vlasta’s top 5 mistakes business owners should avoid when recruiting here.

We can’t wait to see what the next 12 months will bring. If you’re in Townsville and want to connect, we’d love to hear from you. Find out more about our office here.

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