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There are many factors that can influence the success of a business.  Effective recruitment process will provide the best staff and talent, but in order for a business to really succeed, it requires direction.  Goal-setting is an important strategy and equally important is that your organisation’s goals are supported by your staff.

Your successful recruitment endeavors won’t reach their true potential unless your employees are on-board with the goals that have been set.

Involving your staff in the process of goal-setting has two-fold advantages. Firstly, the employees are able to provide input which will help to create realistic goals that are achievable. And since your staff helped to set those goals, they will be self-motivated to see those goals succeed.

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Trust is the prerequisite for getting your staff involved in the goal-setting process. Trust is cultivated through an open office environment where employee’s opinions are respected and given due consideration. Staff with the best intentions won’t present their ideas if their initiatives are repeatedly discouraged and stamped out.

However, inviting your employees to contribute to the goal-setting process eliminates the option of imposing pre-determined goals unless you can compromise and show respect for their opinions by incorporating them in a constructive manner within your amended goals.

If your staff present ideas that are inappropriate for your goal-setting strategy, simply give them reasons why you decide not to incorporate them.  Employees need to know in advance that they will not be ridiculed. Become involved with the employees beforehand and show that you are interested in their suggestions. Your employees will see that you have the best interest of the company at heart and will become more involved in response.

Try approaching your employees in their work environment and inviting their suggestions and ideas. This will make employees feel more at ease as you are communicating with them on their “turf”.  Also employees feel more comfortable about giving their suggestions when they are specifically asked.

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