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The larger a company or organisation, the more applicants they receive for each vacancy.  This often means there are more levels of scrutiny before interview stage is reached.  Strategic HR managers are the decision makers for recruitment and selection of human resources for big businesses. Getting your chance to reach these decision makers and appear for a panel interview needs strategy and preparation.

Signature Staff BlogPrepare Well For an Aptitude Test

Many large organisations follow similar policies within their recruitment and selection process. They often assess candidates’ capabilities by first conducting an aptitude test.  Since the pattern of these tests is quite similar, you only need to prepare for a single test as this prepares you for any others too. DISC profiling is a great way to start.


Social networking is a dynamic way to connect with the corporate world of your choice. Through meeting new people, you may well find that many of your friends work within the organisations to which you aspire. Tell them that you are searching for jobs. It might be possible for them to help you get that dream job.

When you eventually receive an invitation for an interview, you can ask your friends if they can share some additional information about the company. The more knowledge you can demonstrate, the more likely you are to clear your first interview. And you are now well on your way to getting in front of the company’s decision makers.

Clear the First Interview

In order to be well prepared for that first interview, you will need to make some preparations.

Here are some ways that can help you past the first interview and ultimately meeting the decision makers:

Do Some Research On the Position

Even before you submit your resume and job application, do plenty of research on the position for which you are applying. Make sure that it really takes your interest. This is important because you won’t be able to perform well in your first interview if you don’t have a passion for that job.

Research the Organization

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Before you appear for your first interview, you should have collated your information about the company: its past acquisitions, key leaders, etc. View their latest annual reports if they are available to you. And don’t forget to ask about the company amongst  your network of friends – particularly those who are already working for that organisation or industry.

Do Your Own SWOT Analysis and Positioning Strategy

One thing that is frequently forgotten in our endeavours for recruitment and selection is to research ourselves.  “What are your strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats?” You will face these kinds of questions during your job searching missions. So it is better that you prepare the answers in advance. Make a personal SWOT analysis. This will help you identify your strong points and your weaker areas.

As well as being noticed at the interview, it is good to be remembered – for the right reasons!  Strengthen your positioning strategy and stand out from the crowd by writing a “Thank You” letter to the hiring manager after the interview. You can use this opportunity to ask when the shortlisted candidates will be announced.  Can you see your name on that list?


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