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Your first day on the job can be somewhat nerve racking. However you have to get rid of these first time jitters if you wish to make a good impression and make a positive impact.

9 tips to get the best out of your first day

  • Observe: always observe your fellow workers and see how they do things. Because they are usually more experienced than you they will have small short cuts and tricks of the trade. By observing you can pick these up quickly. You will also be able to assess your colleagues and know which ones are more friendly and trustworthy.
  • Ask questions: do not be afraid to ask pertinent questions that will clarify tasks and help you to accomplish them better.
  • Listen carefully to instructions: Be a good listener and understand the instructions you are given.
  • Be polite and respectful to other employees: it is important to treat other workers well. After all you will be spending at least 8 hours with them. If you are decent with your fellow workers they will usually be decent to you.
  • Respect your immediate supervisor: Always show your supervisor respect. It is not an easy job to be a manager and they do deserve your respect. If you treat them properly and do not argue with them they will be more inclined to like you and help you out with complicated tasks.
  • Try to follow instructions carefully: listen to instructions and follow them to the letter. When you first start off you will not know the shortcuts you can take so you will need to follow the entire procedure to accomplish something.
  • Take your time: Nobody expects miracles on your first. Take time to accomplish tasks and do them right. As a newcomer nobody expects you to be as fast as experienced workers and they know you can and will make mistakes.
  • Own up to mistakes: If you make mistakes be honest and admit that you have done it and try to rectify your mistakes. Everybody appreciates honesty, especially when it comes to mistakes. If you make a mistake and you very likely will on your first day admit it and ask how to rectify it. This is much appreciated and mistakes can be forgiven if you try to set them right.
  • Keep a low profile: it is always good to keep a low profile. This will prevent you from getting into trouble with your colleagues and the management. If you stay quite you can also get more work done and get to know your fellow workers better.

Making a good impression on your first day should be your goal. This is because first impressions are lasting impressions. People will remember you best by what they first see in you, so be sure to try to make a good impression on your colleagues and the management right from your very first day. This in turn will impact your whole career with the company.

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