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Signature Staff has been the recruitment game for two decades and we have found a number of free online tools to assist us with our processes. Feel free to check them out yourself.


There is a number of different job-boards that allow you to advertise for free. They are great to utilise especially if you don’t have the budget for paid platforms such as We regularly use Gumtree because it does give good results, especially for the frontline positions.


This recruitment app was launched in 2011 that integrates with Facebook, allowing both recruiters and job-seekers to use it more like LinkedIn.


There are forums for almost any industry and niche. Here is where people get together to discuss their ideas, knowledge, expertise, and frustrations.

LinkedIn Groups

Works similar to forums plus you have an option to post your jobs in each group.

AHRI Assist

Human Resources Management Support Centre

PayCheck Plus

FairWork Ombudsman pay calculator to assist you with a calculation of the wages.

Employer Rights and Obligations

FairWork Commission website assisting employers by providing them with information about their rights and obligations.

Employee/contractor decision tool

Use the Employee/contractor decision tool to find out whether your worker is an employee or contractor for tax and super purposes.

Employment can be risky and expensive. Our aim is to take the risk and expense out the equation for you.  

Regardless of the size of your business and how you currently manage your recruitment, be prepared to save big on your cost, time and frustrations with our unique service options.


Relief from time-consuming admin tasks

Avoid painful phone enquiries

No more  sifting through irrelevant CV’s

Extensive candidate reach


Save big on recruitment costs

Fast-track the process

Focus on your core activity

Brand protection – All applicants will have a positive experience

Another thing we have learned is that there is no “one size fits all”.  Next step is to look a bit closer at the features and decide what is right for you.






(Most popular)


FROM $1295


How much is your time worth?

Professional ad-writing 2-3 hrs
Advertising on 15+ online job-Boards 4-5 hrs
Screen and Shortlist to your job criteria 4-8 hrs
Professional communication with all candidates 3-6 hrs
Access to database of 25,000+ candidates N/A
Preliminary phone interviews 3-5 hrs
Written summary of individual’s capabilities 3 hrs
Reference Checks Optional Optional 3 hrs
Full interviews + transcript Optional Optional 4-6 hrs
Additional Advertising (ie SEEK) Optional Optional $250++
Targeting candidates via social media networks 4-10 hrs
Managing and negotiating offer with candidates 1-2 hrs
Placement Guarantee N/A


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