First Steps to Achieve Expected Employee Performance

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Employees know and understand that there is a certain level of output that is needed from them in order to remain employed and achieve acceptable performance evaluations. Employees will give employers their physical and mental effort because they have to, to remain employed, but if you don’t engage their internal motivation then the employee output would be 100%.

In order for that employee internal motivation to be engaged, managers must establish a personal connection with each employee. The more you learn about him or her, the better the manager is in a position to understand what motivates each employee. Learning what motivates the employees or makes them full of pride will make the job of being their manager easier.Performance  Management

A strong tip that managers should be using is greeting each employee each day, making rounds and stop by each workstation briefly sometime during the day. Discuss with them something of interest to them. The purpose of the meet and greets is to remain connected with your team employees, giving them the opportunity to bring up any work issues they are having, thus catching potential problems early.

You should not be using the meet and greet time to micromanage or tell employees what they’re doing wrong. If there is wrong to be discussed, that should be a discussed at a different time and place. Employees should look forward to your stopping by, not fear it and try to look too busy when you stop by. Whether it is job-related or personal issues, the manager should always show respect and concern for whatever they are going through because part of your job as a manger is to be a compassionate leader.

Communicating freely is easier for some leaders than for others and if you are one of the leaders that don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of groups then this is something you will need to practise. The number one employee complaint is that managers do not communicate well so if you feel your communication skills can get better, make sure it is something you develop.

In addition to creating strong communication skills and a deeper team cohesion, there are two additional items that you can do to raise employee performance: feedback and appreciation. Feedback means giving employee real time assessment of how they are doing at their jobs, and appreciation means personally thanking an employee when they go beyond their normal duties. It is very powerful to give your employee praise and feedback when they are doing something positive, and also when you need to give constructive criticism it will be taken better by the employee.

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