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22_bigstock_The_Beginning_Just_Ahead_Gree_11944724Our first day at a new job often includes mixed feelings of fear and excitement.  Most new employees are keen to impress, but may also be nervous about starting out in their new work environment.  Formally orienting a new employee is important. Staff induction is one of the most sensitive aspects of HR services, influencing the future success of the new employee in the company.

A comprehensive Employee induction process introduces a new recruit to their working environment, the key people with whom they will interact and their co-workers.  They will also need to be acquainted with various protocols and processes related to their new job description. However, with so many new things to learn, it is also important not to overwhelm them with too much information.

On the first day, allow your new staff member to get used to their environment. Take them around so they can see the whole organisation in operation. Enlighten them about basic protocols and their duties for that week, then give them written guidelines or a set of policies to read to help them understand the bigger picture within your company.

Any organizations will be keen to see their new recruits become optimally productive within the shortest time possible. Therefore, you’ll need to plan and prioritise what needs to be introduced on the first day, so your new staff member has a great start to their new career.

Summary of Things to Do on the First Day

Objectives of Employee induction on the first day should include the following:Employee Induction

  • Integration of new staff with the organization
  • Provide necessary support to help them understand their role
  • Show them what they can do to contribute to the organization’s success
  • Provide new staff with access to resources they need for efficient performance
  • Enlighten them about standards and responsibilities they have to fulfill
  • Let them understand that the organization plans of retention of their staff
  • Mention legal responsibilities the staff has to abide by
  • Implant a positive attitude towards work and the organization
  • Enlighten them about health and safety protocols and standards

HR personnel need to understand that on the first day, an appropriate staff Induction process significantly influences the future of the employee. It can either encourage them to give their best, or makes them lose heart. Ensure the first day for your new recruits is well thought out, helpful and professional.

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