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So you got the job and start on Monday.  The first day in a new job can be rather unpredictable. Different companies have different cultures that influence how they treat newcomers. Some may have detailed orientation periods, while others just expect a new recruit to start working right away. In spite of this unpredictability, here are a few tips that are valid in every situation. Setting a good impression on your first day at a new job simply requires sensible preparation.

1. Appear PreparedSignature Staff Blog

Look the part.  Even if you have many questions yet to be answered, at least you can appear prepared. Dress appropriately and arrive on time after a good night’s sleep.  By taking care of yourself through sensible sleeping patterns and eating habits, you can convey how serious you are about your new job.

2. Do Your Homework

With access to the internet, almost anything is re-searchable  Spend at a least a week researching the company and industry, its product portfolio, supply chain and other general information. If possible, find out about the processes and people relevant to your job. Then armed with your new found information, remember not to boast about it on your first day. Instead, ask a few educated questions.  This is a much better way of letting your boss and co-workers know that you are keen to learn.

3. Be Prudent

If you are a bit of an extrovert, initially tone down your personality as you work out how you fit in with the different personalities of your co-workers. For example, if you are naturally talkative, don’t give in to your urge even if your audience seems eager to listen to you. On the other hand, if you are introvert in nature, make the effort to extend your friendship towards your new peers. Remember, first impressions really do count. Your good first impression is also a positive point for the HR department, making them feel proud of their successful choice of applicant and staff induction.

Signature Staff Blog4. Seek Help

Enthusiasm for a new job and impressing our new peers means we want to demonstrate that we can work with little guidance. But, don’t get carried away with this idea. It is better to ask.  Seeking help and asking about the company, work and people is far preferable than doing something wrong because of your lack of understanding. It is better to appear thoughtful rather than over-confident or clumsy. At the time of the staff induction, HR personnel, your boss and other people in the office understand that a new employee will require help and they will be expect you to ask for assistance. In fact, some will be delighted to help you because it will make them think of themselves as mentors.

5. Listen Well

This may sound like a no brainer but it is something that people often overlook. Lost in the effort to make themselves appear impressive, new entrants often forget to focus on others and what they have to say. Take notes about the advice and procedures you are receiving. And perhaps most important of all is to remember the names of the people with whom you are now working.

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