Exit Interviews during Lockdown

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Exit Interviews during Lockdown

As the lockdown continues, many businesses are forced to let go of their employees and even close their operations.

In these trying times when the business owners are experiencing emotional and financial stresses, exit interviews is probably the last thing on their mind.

However, for businesses that are planning to ‘get out on the other side’, receiving feedback is crucial as it indicates strengths and weaknesses of the current culture, management and operational structure. It also helps the employer understand the correlation between the organisation’s culture and the employee.

The feedback can be used to make informed decision of changes to the culture, processes and even the business model in preparation for the rebuild stage ‘at the other side’.

You can conduct exit interviews either face to face, get employee to fill out a questionnaire or create an online survey. Please remember that as much as you are experiencing difficulties, so do your employees. Therefore, genuine tact and sensitivity should be part of your approach.  

If an in-person meeting is not possible, try applications such zoom, skype or facetime to make it as personal as possible. You definitely want to ensure authenticity and care toward your employees. If not possible, try an old-fashioned phone call. Email or a letter should be a last resort. Once the initial conversation has been initiated, a questionnaire or better still, an online survey can be forwarded. On online survey will enable you to better monitor and report on the results. 

This is the time where we need to feel empathy and genuine care for the exiting employee.

We have number of templates in our online document library to assist you with this process or you can contact us directly.

Exit Interviews during Lockdown


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