Empower Employees to Motivate Themselves

by | May 9, 2011 | Employers Tips

Finding the ideal people for employment in your company is only the first step to creating a productive workplace. Companies of all sizes and backgrounds should strive to make sure that their long term and new staff hire positions are filled by individuals that not only have the proper skill set to handle their duties but the motivation to continue to improve.

Praise Often, Not Occasionally

This does not mean managers and supervisors have to make a daily ritual of telling its staff members that they’ve done a good job. The key is to avoid only praising an employee after completing a huge project or reaching a milestone. Positive reinforcement should be a regular part of the process. For example, let one of your employees know that you appreciated his/her feedback during a company meeting. Such a statement can easily turn their day from a good one to a great one.

Remind Them of Their Value

Employment agencies and those in human resources deal with job seekers and employers on a regular basis, which allows them to recognize how important the relationship is between a company and those they hire. If you’re the owner of a business who has been fortunate enough to work with a group of individuals that regularly contribute to your business’s success, make sure to remind them that their efforts do not go by unnoticed. This approach is especially helpful if you have an employee that has hit a rough patch or is experiencing frustration with their job. Explain how their job duties contribute to the success of the company and while there are areas where they can do better, they should take the initiative to be the best at their job they can be.

Encourage Growth

It is important to recognize that content employees are not always happy employees. To boost their motivation, encourage them to take steps to advance in their position. Should a promotional opportunity come up, make contact with the employee that you feel has the best shot and let him/her know that if they really want to flourish, they should take advantage of the offer.

Helping them envision a better working situation is a great way to get them to invest in themselves not only for the good of the company but so that they feel good about their efforts and talents.

Looking for staff to fill certain positions is no easy task. If you’re having a difficult time finding individuals to meet your company’s criteria, working with arecruitment agency may be just the right solution. With expert knowledge in the recruitment process, this type of company can help you secure people that will not only fulfill their responsibilities but help your business grow and thrive.

Author: Vlasta Eriksson

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