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Just last weekend I had attended a 3-day workshop facilitated by Dr Espen.

I have experienced a lot of great insight personally and professionally. One quote that was used throughout the 3-day workshop was by the late Wayne Dyer…

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

This quote is so profound that I had a moment of epiphany.

Our employees form opinions of their workplace and employers depending on their perception.

The perceptions are formed right from the get-go at the time of applying for the vacancy through the recruitment process all the way to their first day on the job.

Statistics say that nearly 50% of employees will leave in the first 120 days. There are a number of reasons for that but the most common one I believe is that they have formed an opinion on the company because of their perception. This could be the job itself, the culture, the employer or the values of the company.

Here are few tips to acquire the right perception of your future employee.

  • Don’t exaggerate in the job advertisement
  • Shortlist candidates to the same criteria
  • Don’t over promise at the interview stage
  • Use the same interview template for each candidate
  • Have a thorough job description, remember it’s a working document not just a list of duties
  • Have a solid employment contract in place
  • Have a in-depth onboarding and induction processes in place
  • Deliver frequent feedback in “ sandwich style”: commend, recommend, commend

Remember “Recruit right the first time”

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Vlasta Eriksson
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