Employee Perception: Shaping a Positive Workplace Image

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Recent insights gained during a workshop emphasised the transformative power of changing one’s perspective. A quote by Wayne Dyer, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change,” sparked a moment of epiphany.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Opinions Formed Through Perception:
    • Employees develop opinions about their workplace based on their perceptions, from the recruitment process to their first day on the job.template quit
    • Nearly 50% of new employees reportedly leave within the first 120 days, often influenced by their perceptions.
  2. Tips for Positive Employee Perception:
    • Honest Job Advertisements: Avoid exaggerations in job advertisements to set realistic expectations.
    • Consistent Shortlisting Criteria: Shortlist candidates based on the same criteria to maintain fairness.
    • Realistic Interviewing: Refrain from overpromising during interviews, ensuring transparency.
    • Structured Interviews: Use a consistent interview template for all candidates to maintain fairness and thorough assessment.
    • Comprehensive Job Descriptions: View job descriptions as working documents that go beyond duties, providing a clear picture of expectations.
    • Solid Employment Contracts: Ensure detailed and clear employment contracts are in place.
    • Thorough Onboarding: Implement in-depth onboarding and induction processes for a smooth transition.
    • Constructive Feedback: Provide regular feedback using a “sandwich style”: commend, recommend, commend.
  3. Recruit Right the First Time:template handshake
    • Emphasizes the importance of making the right hiring decisions initially to establish a positive employee perception.

Conclusion: Shaping positive employee perceptions begins from the recruitment stage and extends through effective onboarding and continuous communication. Employers who prioritize transparency, consistency, and honesty in their interactions with employees are more likely to foster a positive workplace image.

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