Employee Appraisals – Mistakes to Avoid

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Performance appraisal is defined as a prearranged formal communication between a subordinate and supervisor which usually incurs as a periodic interview on an annual or semiannual basis. In such an interaction, the performance of the subordinate is evaluated to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. The opportunities for development and skill improvement are also discussed.Signature Staff HR Support

Appraisal results are used in many organizations to determine the outcomes of the reward. Some mangers make certain mistakes while conducting the appraisal. Here are some mistakes which should not be made.

1. Insufficient information of the employee and insufficient evaluation time

It is important to know the employees to appropriately assess their weaknesses and strengths. Employers should also take sufficient time to assess the performance of the employee.

2. Incompatible standards of excellence

Ineffective managers often mingle personal regards to bias the process of evaluation. Lack of consistent criteria within managers often leads to promotion of undeserving employees. Moreover, some managers also tend to be very friendly with some employers while conducting an appraisal while being excessively critical with others.

3. Failing to assess the complete period of performance

Many employers improve their performances when the performance evaluation is due. In such situations, many mangers fail to take notice of the performance in the complete period and end up assessing the current performance, which is not fair.

The mangers should immediately write down any negative performance or inappropriate behavior at all times. Similarly any worth praising performance should also be noted down so it does not go unnoticed during the appraisal at the end of the period.

4. People pleasing with employees

Many managers are apprehensive about probable confrontations from the employees and thus avoid unfavorable comments even when such comments are justified.

5. The rainbow effect

When employees are well-liked at their workplace, they are often mistakenly reviewed as the “always competent” ones, whereas the unpopular employees end up being labeled as “inadequate”.

6. Maintaining job security

This is also known as “empire building” by managers. Such managers ignore the weaknesses of the employees to gain favor with inefficient employees. Some managers will even unfairly criticize the workers as “sacrificial lambs” and “scapegoats” to save their jobs.

7. Weak analytical aptitude

Some managers lack analytical aptitude as evaluators. Other employees take advantage of this fact and often get unqualified appraisals in place of the deserving ones.

8. Irrelevant factors

Sometimes non-job related factors influence the decisions of the managers during appraisals such as social standing and physical appearance of employees. Such mistakes often become costly mistake implied on efficient employees, because such employees find their way out in no time and the organization loses them.

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