Creating a Flexible Workforce in Challenging Times

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Read how our labour hire in Cairns and Townsville can support your business.

On the back of COVID lockdowns, businesses across Australia boomed. Now, as we return to some normality, combined with seasonal weather disruptions, businesses are once again dealing with fluctuations. Whether these fluctuations are seasonal or intensified by the cost-of-living pressures depends on the industry and business environment. However, one thing is guaranteed. Businesses of all shapes and sizes experience peaks and troughs at some point.

Even when things pick up, there are still several uncertainties regarding how to move forward, including:

  • What is the ratio of staff needed to satisfy current service demands?
  • How many permanent staff can I engage without sacrificing profits?


Rather than just jumping straight into the recruitment process, there can be more cost-effective solutions for business owners to consider. Our Labour hire and or temping solutions are very effective, and enable business owners to be in control of managing their payroll expenditure.

How to Retain a Flexible Workforce in Challenging Times

The benefits of temp and labour hire employees remain consistent for employers in both buoyant and challenging economies. Employers benefit from:

  • specialised skills for all industries and work-types
  • no permanent commitment while you evaluate the performance and fit of potential employees
  • the ability to adjust your business more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations, e.g. projects, leave periods or your seasonal peaks
  • maintaining staffing flexibility in uncertain economic times
  • transitioning high-quality temps and contractors to permanent status with ease and certainty
  • reducing your salary bill, overheads, and employment risks.

How we can help

If you need a reliable staffing agency that offers a wide range of staffing solutions, we can help. Our team of experts can assist you in finding suitable candidates for your business. We ensure that we meet your staffing needs by offering flexible staffing options for both short and long-term assignments.

As a licenced labour hire agency, we deliver temps and contractors across all work types, including office support, hospitality, tourism, and labourers. Additionally, we provide specialised contractors for the trade, construction, and logistics industries. Our teams provide labour hire in Townsville and Cairns, but we also cover the entire North Queensland region.

We offer flexible timeframes and pay rates depending on the skills required and the length of the assignment, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment. Plus, we are constantly reviewing pay awards, so you can be confident that your latest hire complies with all the latest Fair Work legislation.

To request a free, no obligation, get in touch with our team!


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