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Job description templates are much more than just a list of duties. Each document should have the following dedicated sections included:

  • Position Summary  ( Main purpose of the position)
  • Responsibilities (List of duties and responsibility)
  • Key Accountabilities (Critical areas of responsibility and performance)
  • Indicators of Effectiveness (Measurement against each key accountability)
  • Critical Skills & Attributes (Guide to successful recruitment)
  • Tasks – Daily | Weekly | Monthly (When to do what)

Commercial Accountant is a hands on position, responsible for the efficient running of the organisation’s accounts including everyday duties such as general entries, balance sheets, ledgers, reporting and advice management on tax issues, budgets and forecast and planning. accounting

Some of the Commercial Accountant’s responsibilities would be:

  • Investigating accounting and financial irregularities
  • Analysing financial information and preparing financial transaction reports
  • Completing tasks & reporting within financial deadlines
  • Contract negotiation support

One of the Key Accountabilities of a Commercial Accountant would be to prepare reconciliation and monthly financial analysis reports. The indicator of effectiveness for this specific key accountability is measured by checking completed and accurate reports.

A daily task for a Commercial Accountant would be the day to day operation of the accounts department.

Job description templates are much more than just a list of duties. It’s a working document that can be used to:

  • Ensure that you recruit the best talent
  • State the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Measure your employee’s performance with firm Indicators of Effectiveness

Over 300 ready-to-use job descriptions templates available right now. 

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