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Do you remember being asked as a child “what are you going to be when you grow up?”  Deciding on and working towards a career is an extremely important aspect of our livelihood.   Career coaching is similar to career counseling, where an individual seeks guidance or advice to explore a new career, embark on personal career development or when a student is unsure about which career to pursue. Career help can provide decisive advice including plans on how to achieve your livelihood dreams.Signature Staff Blog

A career coach provides guidance on what courses to study, what kinds of jobs to apply for and how to improve our employability ratings.  A career counselor will ensure that their client has the required features for a specific career through assessing their interests, aptitude, skills and personality. They will be able to correlate the job requirements with the psychological disposition of each client.

Career counselors mostly work with adolescents preparing to explore new careers or seasoned professionals considering a change of career. These Career Coaches draw from their background in industrial psychology and vocational psychology to assess whether an individual will be able to adjust to new or changed profession.

Before providing career help, they may ask clients to take some tests to assess their cognitive ability and personality. Two important tests that are conducted include “Strong Interest Inventory” and “MBTI” (Myer Briggs Type Indicator).

Challenges of Career Help

Signature Staff BlogThe greatest challenge for a Career Coach is to earn the client’s trust in order to engage them with a suggested career. If professional advice conflicts with that of family and peer expectations, a Career Coach will need to build their foundations of evidence thoughtfully, in order to win the client’s confidence. Although there are many career advice professionals such as managers, HR departments, teachers and course coordinators, people tend to feel safer asking friends and family. We find it more difficult to trust people we don’t know.

Latest Development

Recently, the need for career coaching and counseling has increased. Nowadays there are web portals people can access for assistance.  Individuals seeking new job opportunities can consult with people on-line to help them handle interviews and write resumes. Individuals can get vocational assessments completed online, speeding up the whole process for them.

Just remember it is your life and your livelihood.  Whether you choose to take advice from a professional counselor or online career help website, do your own research and check reviews about their services.   You need to be able to trust their judgment.

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  1. Chris Jenkins

    Career Coaching can be a very valuable investment in your career and well-being – at any stage in your career: High School Students, those starting in the workforce, changing careers, facing redundancy, thinking of starting self-employment, transitioning to part time work, retiring – all can be helped by a competent Career Coach.

    Online sites are great, but even better is a face-to-face connection if possible. For those livingi n FNQ, Vanine Gilmore at WorkLife Directions ( provides excellent career counselling, along with a number of other relevant workshops. I can recommend her highly.

    Chris Jenkins
    The Resume Company

    • vlasta

      Hi Chris, thx for the feedback always valuable. I have to agree with you about Vanine excellent Career Coach ad I would also recommend John Hartigan in Cairns Region.


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