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At one point of your career life, you will wake up one morning dreading that you have to go to work and feel that this is the worst job you have ever had. Whether it is your boss, the workload, co-workers or just because it is boring, there are right reasons to quit your job and wrong reasons to quit your job. Before you walk out of your job, you have to determine the reasons why you dislike your job and if there is something you can do to change it and make it better.

If you feel you are not earning enough, you might be right, so your next step should be to determine what others are earning in your industry. Discuss your salary package with the powers-that-be, but don’t just say, you think you deserve more money, instead put in terms what you bring to the company and how much you have worked or improved items which are why you deserve a pay raise. If you just keep quiet, people will assume you are satisfied so it is your responsibility to speak up when you aren’t.

If you have too much to do, it is possibly because you have not learnt to say no. Everyone should be working as hard as they can, but you shouldn’t be allowing yourself to be abused either. Discuss your workload with your boss and when you do bring suggestions on how your workload can be lessened. Changing jobs may not sort out the problem of overload as it could be personality and the lack of being able to say no might be part of who you are.

When you have a hard time working with a co-worker that can be one of the worst environments to work in and cause you to want to quit. However, if you are having a hard time with this co-worker chances are you are not the only who feels this way. If this person’s personality or work performance gets in the way of general production and affects the team atmosphere, he or she likely won’t last long anyway. If this person is the boss, it will be harder but try to minimize contact with them. See if you can find ways to work with them, remember to not take things personally or see if you can transfer to another department.

Signature Staff Career HelpQuitting for your current job for a new one is a popular reason for quitting but never leave your current job for the mere possibility of another one. You should not resign unless you have an offer letter in your hand for the new position. The worst situation would be where you’ve left one job and the other company changes their mind about offering your job, leaving you without any job.

There are some people who when unhappy in their job want to quit right then and there and make a big show about it. This is tempting, especially if you have been very unhappy but the only one that experiences negative affects from this would be you. If you are looking for a new job, they are going to phone your old employer and if you walked out of them leaving them to complete an important project, imagine what sort of recommendation they’re going to give you.

Another reason people consider quitting is to open their own business. This can work, but only if you know what you’re doing and are prepared to put in long, hard hours. If you’ve been a nurse for 17 years, you know lots of things, but how to run a hamburger franchise may not be one of them. Get a partner with experience in the area you want to go into, conduct research or has some do, keep your full-time job and work on your own businesses on your free time until it is ready to give you a full-time salary.

Jobs are often boring which is why they are a job, not entertainment. If you want to resign because your job is boring then you need to determine if you would be happy in another job or career or if you are just expecting your job to always be exciting and entertainment.

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