Are there times when you feel you are pushing harder and going slower?

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Blog

Do you have some days where it just seems harder than usual? I am sure you do… we all do.

How do you deal with those days?

The other morning, I was riding my bike, and for those that know me I love to measure results and progress. On this particular day, I’m riding along and just don’t feel great. It feels like I am pushing harder than I should for the speed I am achieving. A series of thoughts go through my mind, I’m thinking maybe I’m getting sick, maybe I shouldn’t have had that extra plate of desert last night, maybe my brake pads are rubbing against the wheel, actually you know what I’m going to cut this ride short. Then the next thing I know I’m feeling better, my speed has picked up and the ride has just become a little more enjoyable.

Then I realise, I am now riding with the wind not against it like at the beginning of the ride. How obvious! How did I miss that?

Two obvious things jump out at me that not only apply to me riding my bike but also in life and business in general. The first is measuring just my speed, which does not take into account other variables, it’s a bit like measuring the amount of time I spend with my children compared to the quality of time and fun I have with my children or in the case of business it could be focusing just on turnover and not profit.

Secondly, if I just been a little more aware of my surroundings I would have noticed that the wind was blowing.

How often do you have your head down just focusing on putting more effort in to what you are doing and then you are left wondering why you are not making the progress you should? I don’t know about your children but there are some days where no matter how hard you I try to have an engaging conversation; they are just not interested. You know those conversations where you just get quick one or two-word answer? When actually if I was more aware of their state of mind or the fact that they are exhausted from a busy day at school. Sometimes all you needed to do was stop and have a look around and be more aware of what is happening.

Next time you feel you are not making the progress you should, stop and take a minute. Become aware of what is happening or what has changed and check you are measuring and focusing on the right things. You will be surprised at what you will find out.

I would love to hear from you on how this information has helped you or if you have other tactics or strategies that help you get stuff done.

Until next time,

Sam ‘aware’ Harrop

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