Appraisals To Empower Not Damage

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Finding qualified candidates for an available career opportunity means going above and beyond in order to make sure that the individual hired is the right fit for the job. Being in charge of a group of employees is no easy task, which is why it is important for every employer to make the effort to initiate actions that will keep everyone happy and on the same page. The last thing any company wants is a hostile working environment.

Evaluate the Situation Before Taking Action
When everyone is performing their jobs optimally, this makes for a much moreefficient workplace. Companies, both large and small, do best when run like a well oiled machine. If there is an employee that needs to improve their performance, make sure to approach this subject properly.
Before talking to the employee in question, do a thorough evaluation of his/her performance thus far and compare it with the current issues you have identified. Has this person consistently done well and has a good track record? Then perhaps he/she is simply going through a rough patch and needs some time to work things out. Does the employee have a history of making errors? Or is he/she new? In the case of the latter, make sure to take this situation into consideration when giving your feedback. Career development is not without its trials and tribulations and if the person is fairly new to the position, state that you understand their situation but just need them to improve in certain areas.

Criticism vs. Constructive Criticism
Feedback should be in the capacity of constructive criticism, not an outright putdown. There is a way to effectively communicate what a person is doing well and where they can do better. Instead of saying something negative upfront, phrase your constructive criticism in a way that not only explains where they need to improve but the how and why. These types of explanations make it easier for an employee to grasp the concept and properly apply it to their situation as well as their career path. Stating what needs to be fixed and leaving it at that doesn’t positively contribute to that individual’s work experience, nor does it make them feel empowered.

Play Up Their Role
One way to get your employees excited about their career and position in the workplace is to play up their role. Where applicable, praise your staff for their great performance and remind them that it is because of their time and efforts the company is doing well. Such words are enough to boost productivity and create enthusiasm, which makes for an ideal working environment. The most important part of this concept is to be genuine. Show your staff that you appreciate them and what they do.

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