Answering the Tough Interview Questions

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When you are preparing for an interview, you should also be ready to answer some tough interview questions. While most of the questions are relevant according to the norms of that industry, some questions may be asked to catch you off guard.

While you tackle these questions intelligently, there will be some dull questions that might turn you off in the first instance. Such questions do not even interest the interviewer, but it is just a rare chance to test your creative spirit.Answering the tough interview questions

For example, an employer might suddenly ask you “What color is your brain?”, now the employer in any way does not want to listen a dull answer, like if you say, “It’s blue, because my friends think I am too cool”. This will certainly displease the employer, so instead you could parry the question by saying “The color of my brain is red, because it’s always sizzling with fresh and creative ideas”.

There are always some tough interview questions that you will hear from many employers over and over again. Though these are disturbing, but they might be the ones that actually land you the desired job. Here are some ways to deal tough questions.

1. Highlight the shortcomings of a skill

This is a useful tip because you are actually trying to answer a challenging question by displaying skill. For example if the employer shows more interest to hire you for the customer services department and that does not interest you; the best possible to get away is to define the shortcomings of such a job.

2. Share a weakness that you are striving to eliminate

If the employer asks you to reveal your greatest weakness, share it openly because it shows that you are interested in self improvement. For example “I am not comfortable while presenting before an audience so I am taking a course on public speaking and would appreciate it if you allow me some time to get along with the course first.

3. Do not pretend to be the perfect candidate!

The employer can come up with a question such as “What are your strong points that will be useful for the company?” Instead of self-praising, resort to telling your credentials honestly. If you fail to answer up to the mark, forget it; everyone has bad day.

4. Over-qualified candidates

Often, over qualified candidates are tricked with questions such as their future with the organization once the economy improves. Usually over qualified candidates respond with a silent gesture and continue to do so for some odd moments. However, you should give examples of how in the past you successfully found exciting growth opportunities. Tell them you expect the same once the organization recovers from the economic slump.

5. Your potential candidature

Employers ask your potential ability to meet the demands of the job. This question indirectly asks you to explain how well your profile meets the different norms of the company and the relevant department. Speak well of what you know and avoid bragging just in case you fall short of words.

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