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In the heart of tropical Queensland, the Cairns Chamber of Commerce is abuzz with exciting developments that promise to transform the region’s tourism landscape. As we step into February 2024, let’s take a closer

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look at some of the key highlights and updates from the recent chamber meeting I attended this week:

Direct Flights to Cairns

Richard Barker, CEO of Cairns Airport is a key player in the region’s tourism strategy, committing to securing more dedicated direct flights. This move aims to enhance connectivity and accessibility for both domestic and international travellers, fostering economic growth and boosting tourism in the Cairns area.

AGM on 16th March

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Annual General Meeting scheduled for the 16th of March. This event promises to be a platform for discussions, insights, and collaborative efforts as the chamber charts its course for the future. It’s an excellent opportunity for members to engage, share ideas, and contribute to the prosperity of the Cairns business community.

Geoff Heath’s Update on Migration and Dama

Geoff Heath, a prominent figure in the Far North Queensland (FNQ) community, provided a comprehensive update on migration. With a staggering 900 applications in the pipeline, the region is poised for growth. The

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pre-approved applications and approved funds to support this is signal a positive trend in attracting talent and investment to Cairns.

Michael Healy’s Tourism Vision 2032

Michael Healy MP, spearheading the Tourism Vision 2032 initiative, unveiled a comprehensive plan with 75 tour operators promoted in its campaign. The goal is ambitious — a $44 billion boost to the economy. The 2023 statistics reveal a solid foundation, with $34.3 billion in overnight expenditure across the state. With 2.1 million overall visitors in 2023, Cairns is positioning itself as a premier tourism destination.

Mark Olsen’s Insights as CEO of TTNQ

Mark Olsen, Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ), shed light on the challenges faced during the Covid era, reporting a staggering $4 billion loss. Despite setbacks, there’s optimism in the air as cruise ships make a comeback, tracking well to pre-2019 levels.

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Patricia O’Callaghan’s Success with Tourism and Events QLD

Patricia O’Callaghan, CEO of Tourism and Events Queensland, shared exciting news on the marketing front. The Qantas recovery campaign has resulted in a remarkable 300%

increase in bookings. A million-dollar marketing campaign, along with strategic efforts targeting China and Japan, promises to amplify Cairns’ global appeal. Additionally, partnerships with 44 operators in New Zealand indicate a concerted effort to diversify tourism sources.

As we navigate through 2024, these developments highlight Cairns’ resilience and commitment to becoming a beacon in the global tourism industry. With dedicated leadership, strategic initiatives, and collaborative efforts, the Cairns Chamber of Commerce, TTNQ and Cairns Airport are setting the stage for a prosperous future.

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