4 Steps To Effective Feedback

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Blog

Continuous feedback is one of the most effective ways of improving a person’s performance. In all my years of coaching, I have found that most business owners don’t give their team feedback because they just don’t know how to.

Here is a model that when used will produce great results:

The Four Steps to giving great feedback:

1. Ask permission: Can I share something with you?

2. Describe the behaviour: When you…………

3. Describe the outcome in terms of tangible results: Here’s what happens

4. If its good behaviour thank them: Thank you keep it up


If they have done something that has not met expectations

Ask them to find a solution: “What can you do differently next time?”………….. Then say nothing and wait for their response. This is critical. We’re letting them know that they own and are responsible for their behaviour.

My advice is when using this model is you need to give at least three “positive feedbacks” before giving some “Adjusting Feedback”

Oh, by the way, this week, focus on catching people doing things right. You will be surprised at what happens!

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