10 Ways to Motivate Your Team without Spending a Fortune

by | Sep 6, 2011 | Employers Tips

Many employers are working hard to motivate employees so that they do not lose focus at work. They have tried and tested many ways such as bonuses and reward systems. The world is going through an economic crisis, and employers want to motivate their employees without spending any additional money.

Here a few tips on how you can do it without spending too much money, some HR Resources tips.

1. Implement simple means to motivate them, such as try to know if they want longer times for breaks or what their careers goals are. Knowing and responding to such issues can help you keep your employees happier without spending money.

2. Learn why your employees work at your organization in the first place. Do they work with you because you pay well or do you offer a flexible working schedule? Work out these small details and try the best to exploit them.

3. Try to build a relationship based on trust with your employees. Trust is a very strong element when it comes to employee/ employer relationship. Give them difficult projects to show that you trust them.

4. Always inform your employees of everything that relates to the company. It will give them a sense of acknowledgement and they will feel like they are a bigger part of the company. The employees will also work harder which will help you achieve your goals even faster.

5. Evaluate the performance of your employees on a regular basis to learn their strong points. Give them lots of positive feedback and if they come up short, tell them you expect better results the next time.

6. Initiate a reward system for your employees. Show them simple gestures of goodwill by sending “keep it up” notes, an email or a phone call related to a job well-done.

7. Make public announcements that you recognize the efforts of your employees. Hold special meetings to let your employees know that their hard work is acknowledged broadly.

8. Every employee deserves some sort of regular coaching and training for personal development. It lets you know how the employee feels about their work and how you can help them raise their development needs.

9. Make your workplace an exciting and enticing place to be at. Building great culture promotes a positive attitude and tells your employees that they are appreciated. It also makes working more enjoyable.

10. Any business cannot exist without employees. Thank them on different occasions to acknowledge their contribution to the success of your business.

Author: Vlasta Eriksson

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